About Affiliate Program

In our conventional business world today, people exchange goods and services, patronize small and big corporations and at the end receive not even a thank you. But in MIROPASS, we have succeeded in integrating a broad-based business concept with a deep-rooted human relationship and designed a special way to say thank you for patronage in terms of rewards and incentives No little effort made to patronize and to advertise MIROPASS to your friends and associate goes unrewarded.

We have packaged various incentives such as Value packs, discount vouchers, Team Bonus, VTU services and weekly pay packs just to enhance effectiveness and patronage in a very competitive market. Your membership package with MIROPASS AMART is protected and your returns guaranteed. With our well defined and articulated system of rewards, you will in less than no time be smiling all the way to your Bank for partnering with MIROPASS.

Our compensation plan is purely a 2:1 binary structure which requires referral of two (2) people to join your team. You earn a certain percentage (%) depending on your chosen customer package.

Membership into Miropass A-mart affiliation program requires buying of ANY of the following customer packages.


$50 (5% Team Bonus)$100 (7% Team Bonus)$200 (9% Team Bonus)$500 (11% Team Bonus)$1000 (13% Team Bonus)



CP – 1CP – 2CP – 3CP – 4CP – 5

After registration, members shall receive a value pack which is a collection of items from the mall. It is important to note that the items are not specific but varies depending on the packages and availability of items. Registered members can access our AMART PORTAL and shop with their earnings even from their back office online or offline.


1. 3% Weekly bonus of your membership package for 50 weeks

NOTE: While 100% of the registration fee shall be paid into your dashboard balance, the additional 50% will be credited into your Discount voucher wallet which must be used to shop from our shopping malls at 95% cash and 5% from your Discount Voucher.

2. 5%-13% Team Bonus daily from your teamwork

NOTE: Affiliate can earn upto 300% of registration fee in total both from your binary bonus and weekly bonus combined.

3. VTU services (for phone bills, Dstv, Gotv, etc)

4. Value pack ( a collection of items  from our mall for every registered member )

The breakdown of your income as per your sign-in package is as follows:


CUSTOMER PACKAGE (CP-5) $1000 @ 13% Small Leg (s/l) Ratio 2:1– Attracts a max of $1000 daily

CUSTOMER PACKAGE (CP-4) $500 @ 11% Small Leg (s/l) Ratio 2:1– Attracts a max of $450 daily

CUSTOMER PACKAGE (CP-3) $200 @ 9% Small Leg (s/l) Ratio 2:1– Attracts a max of $180 daily

CUSTOMER PACKAGE (CP-2) $100 @ 7% Small Leg (s/l) Ratio 2:1– Attracts a max of $80 daily

CUSTOMER PACKAGE (CP-1) $50 @ 5% Small Leg (s/l) Ratio 2:1– Attracts a max of $25 daily.

Ratio 2:1 we have three Binary Structured Calculation

Team Bonus formula

Formula: TB= Small Leg X Package Percentage

1. When both legs are equal system divides one side into two and multiply by package percentage E.g cp5 as upline(13%)1000USD left 1000USD right TB= 1000/2*13%=65 USD

2. When small leg can go into big leg at least twice E.g cp5 as up-liner $500-left $1000-Right TB= 500*13% = 65 USD

3. When small leg cannot go into the big leg at least twice, E.g cp5 as up-liner(13%) 800usd left 600 USD Right

TB= 800/2*13%= 52 USD

NOTE: Our conversion rate is at 360 naira per USD

The validity period of every affiliate account is 50 weeks (fifty weeks). After which the account is to be reactivated. Every affiliate account is to yield a minimum of 150% (one hundred and fifty percent) and a maximum of 300% (three hundred percent) before reopening of account or reactivation. Reopening or reactivation of account does not affect your position in your team. So you retain your down lines as long as its within the stipulated period. After the expiration of the validity period of 50 weeks, an account has to be reactivated within two weeks in other to retain its position.

After the two weeks, the account will be deactivated. Members has the privilege of using the discount voucher to shop online or offline as well as other utility services offered by us. The discount voucher is derived from a 10% and 33.3% deduction from the daily team bonus and the weekly pay pack.

For every shopping both online and offline, 5% of the cost is deducted from your discount voucher which serves as a deposit for you on every service we are rendering while the balance is transacted in cash. Affiliate members have the privilege to use the vtu services. They can move their earnings from their wallet to the vtu vault and pay their bills at convenience.