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Dear Affiliates,

We believe that making you happy and secure is our first priority and we have spent years assuring that your experience with us is first-rate at all times.
We hereby regret to officially notify you of our dissociation from the following persons:

1. Mrs. Ijeoma Okeke Fanny AKA (Budoza Mama)
2. Mr. Parah Emmanuel
3. Godwin Okwori
4. Daniel Newman AKA (Doncash)

They are no longer authorized to represent the company in any matters whatsoever and all affiliates are advised not to make any payments to the above-mentioned names for Pin purchase, New registrations, Upgrade, Wallet purchase, etc.
Any downline under any of the above-mentioned names should henceforth do business directly with us, by contacting our customer service personnel through our website, www.miropass.com.ng or by sending an email to [email protected]

Please be rest assured that we will continue to provide you with outstanding services you have come to expect.


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