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Executive Press Release


FROM: The Board of Directors, De-Miropass Technologies Limited

To: The Miropass business Community, Affiliates, Stakeholders and the general public.

Please recall a broadcast, an earlier Press Release posted sometimes February 2019, and subsequent supporting broadcasts.

The basic issues sought to address were;

1 The incident of the website shut down,

2 The security of identity & verifications.

3 The Globalization of Miropass and accompanying electronic infrastructural reorganization

The activities mentioned above, especially the incidence of the shut-down site, business activities were paused and as a result, the basic economic flow of the company was almost grounded.

The site of the company was shut-down for the following reasons.

The cyber program of the company was malfunctioning and no longer responding to the conventional commercial demands of our customers’ community. We also noticed some incidents of unidentified visits, invasions and unauthorized evacuation of sensitive financial information. Prior to this discovery, the company had noticed some decline and discrepancies in its accounting and financial recording system.

We engaged both Financial, IT and Legal professionals to audit and thoroughly investigate the company.

On the 14 of January 2019, we caused our legal team to petition the Honorable Attorney General Of The Federation and the Chairman Economic And Financial Crime Commission. On the 16th of January 2019, a similar petition was sent to the Inspector General Of Police to deploy intelligent officers into investigating the matter. Other authorities were also engaged. For instance, the Office Of The Commissioner Of Police FCT Command and the resident Garki Divisional Police were also fully engaged, please find the letters to this effect attached accordingly. The petition complained of fraudulent diversion and illegally selling of the company’s electronic resources (E-pins) leading to the loss of hundreds of millions of Naira from the company’s treasury. Our primary suspect was the IT Staff and accordingly, they were arrested and forensic inquiries were conducted on their electronic hardware including their bank transaction history. Post No Deposit (PND) and the outright red flag were placed on several account numbers including some affiliates. 


  1. Document 1 – (Click to Open Document)

At least, five principal staff of the company and external collaborators were indicted and confessed to the allegations as they admitted guilt to the fraud. In fact, they have further written series of undertaking to refund stolen funds to the company. Please see the police report based on the interim investigation finding attached.

As it stands, the devastating consequence of this incidence has heavily affected the economic life of the company: we are currently working towards satisfying the resultant debts.

In the previous press release, we adopted a formula whereby Version 1 affiliates were advised to shop with 50% of their earnings and pay for the other 50%; or register a new member with their total earning, thereby pulling in more funds into the company, and helping the company stabilize. As part of the efforts to raise funds to satisfy some debts arising from the foregone activities, the company have approached and is currently negotiating loans and financing with a number of finance institutions, and prospective investors to clear debts arising from the faulted version 1.0 regime. However, while the arrangement is on top gears to seal deals with a growing number of investors ( Banks and institutions) who have indicated interest on pushing funds into the company, the company has noticed that the 50% cash | 50% earning shopping arrangement can no longer be sustained.

This is because the company in the circumstances is finding it difficult to pay its numerous suppliers for the goods displayed in the Mall. Except there has been an alternative economic source to fund the running of the Mall, at the moment we implore our version 1 affiliates and all persons affected generally to either shop at 90% to 10% ratio, that is, you pay for 90% cash on goods purchased while 10% shall be deducted from your earnings or entitlement, this is the only way the shopping mall can survive for the time being, pending the alternative inflow of funds as we already pointed above

De-Miropass Technologies Limited has finally launched the VERSION 2.0 please find details of the package content on this link Moreover, our international market is gradually picking up.

 In the alternative, you may register new member with your earnings in the version 2.0 (thereby pulling more resources to the company) or exercise some more patience pending when the company perfects the alternative funding arrangements.

The company, having updated it’s electronic and cyberinfrastructure to global capacity, MIROPASS will be formally launching its presence and programs in at least 11  countries in the coming months. We do hope that creating more avenues for multiple flows of income will go a long way in dissolving the present economic pressure. we will keep you informed on all developments in furtherance with the foregone.

Henceforth, All Affiliates are advised to Join our official TELEGRAM CHANNEL as all Staffs of De-Miropass Technologies Limited has been directed to leave all Whatsapp Groups, As from today any information you see on WhatsApp has to be verified and all verified and authentic information will only be passed on through the Company’s official TELEGRAM Channel and Verified Social Media handles below.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube


Adejoro Oluwashola
Head of Operations
De-Miropass Technologies Limited

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  1. We appreciate the proactive response of Miropass in handling the situation We hope for a better business environment for us.

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