Pre-Order Miropass Card


This is to inform all affiliates members that you can now pre-order your Miropass ATM Card by filling this form and making payment of 1,700 naira for card processing just as banks do it.

To Pre-order card, Kindly follow this LINK


  1. Withdrawal of funds from Back office will be a lot easier, 
  2. For affiliates outside Nigeria, This card will enable you faciliate withdrawal of funds from your back office
  3. You can withdraw funds from your back office directly into your Card and make a withdrawal from any bank ATM machine or make a purchase using POS
  4. Affiliate members can withdraw funds at any time provides you have earned 40% of customer package (CP)
  5. The card can be used at any ATM and POS machine nationwide
  6. The Miropass card will have an expiration/Valid date just as other ATM cards.


  1. MIROPASS is great and no any retail company like miropass

  2. Pre-order Miropass Card, placing the order

  3. I need the card thanks

  4. Excellent intiative. I need it.

  5. If no be miropass it can be like miropass

  6. I need d card thanks

  7. I need d card thanks

  8. Good job

  9. I thought it was a jock before now but beginning to realized that miropass is the best among all other.

  10. I need the ATM card please

  11. Thanks for this great idea.

  12. Great job

  13. Appreciable efforts by Miropass. When will those who have paid the stipulated fees collect their ATM Caŕds?

    1. I will be grateful of your already appreciable efforts, if the card is released to me on time, since I have made payment.

  14. This is great pls I need the ATM card

  15. I need the Miropass ATM Card.

  16. I need the card as urgent as possible

  17. wow! cant wait to order for my card……..Am loving Miropass !!!!!

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